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Hi, nice to meet you. It's my personal goal to help organisation to be more successful in innovation.

"Idea generation is simple; the real challenge is to find the problem behind and solve it fast and good."

Steven Kop

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Book Innovation


BOOK: A simple guide to organize innovation
This book shares the secrets of developing an innovative organization. Based on the Innovation Framework, the next steps become clear and will lead to solid implementation and increased business value.


Steven is an expert of innovation. He started his career as business consultant for a major consultancy firm. There he was specialised in optimising productivity for knowledge workers. In that field work Steven acknowledge that beside productivity innovation is even a bigger challenge for organisation. Because of the globalisation and digitalisation it is essential for organisation to innovate.

Innovation is not something you do once a year to develop a new product or a new service. No if you take innovation seriously than you build an innovation engine. A way of working where organisations collect ideas, select the best once and implement the innovation results.

Innovation = idea * commercialisation

Steven is an entrepreneur in the field of innovation from the year 2010. He founded an innovation agency and in 2018 he founded the Idea Management software platform: Accept Mission. He has a passion for speaking for big audiences and writing about innovation.

Accept Mission

Idea Management platform

After 10 years of consultancy experience we transformed the company into a Cloud software (SaaS) platform.
Many organisations need to collect and capture ideas and make smart decisions to start and finish innovation projects. This is what you can do:
Collect ideasCollaborate on ideasEngage peopleSmart decision makingValidate ideas with usersManage innovation projects - portfolioOnline brainstormingIdea management campaignKnowledge Management


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